Timber Wolf TW 160PH

With cost ever increasing and GreenServe looking at new ways to save money for the company and our customesr, we have decided to invest in a Few units of the Timber Wolf  TW 160PH.

These units are light weight and easily manoeuvrable for 1 person, these units can be towed around by our vehicles to reduced our green waste to a fraction of its original size and in turn reducing our green waste tipping costs.

These units only weigh 600KG and can chip a log up to 150mm(6″) in diameter. they can process 3.5 tonnes of green waste per hour.

We’ve estimated at approximately £15,000.00 per unit, each unit should earn its money back in about 18 months with the saving in green waste costs.

about these units:

The best things come in small packages.

If you’re just starting out as a landscaper you want a capable wood chipper that doesn’t break the bank – or your rear axle. You want a lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre machine that is simple to service and that can take on some serious jobs.

It’s what’s inside that matters.

The TW 160PH is replacing the sector leading TW 125PH. The first thing you might notice is the upgraded blades, from single-sided to reversible. The machine design has been simplified making it easier for you to keep it in first-class shape. The fan paddles have gone from aluminium to steel for extra strength. There are remote greasing points and in-feed controls on both sides of the hopper. The hopper also has an open top to help you feed awkward branches. It feels familiar, but under the skin it’s a break from the norm.

This machine delivers more than it has any right to deliver. So light, so well designed, so powerful and such good value.