About Us

GreenServe, A commercial grounds maintenance company operating out of Worthing in West Sussex and covering all the Southeast of England and Greater London. We specialise in the upkeep of business and retail parks, industrial and housing estates, council and parish councils, schools and colleges, blocks of flats, retirement properties and care homes, hotels and just about any other type of property. We maintain some of the largest properties in the Region.

Your Grounds Maintenance Experts in Sussex

We work for some of the largest managing agents in the country and also regional managing agents to single property businesses and organisations. We pride ourselves on a hands-on approach and our customer service. We like to keep all the property and facility managers we work with well informed.

As of 2022, we are now in our 40th year of trading and a true second-generation family run business. Started in 1982 by Brian Cooper as Greenacres Services who grew the business, plant and machinery. 24 Years later Darren Cooper, son of Brian, was made a partner and in 2011 the company went limited as Greenacres Services Sussex Limited T/A GreenServe. Shelley, Darren’s Wife, was made Director in 2021. The Company is now successfully run by Shelley and Darren with the usual husband and wife disagreements.

We are Safe Contractor, Chas and SSIP approved and operate a safety management system. We train all our staff in the appropriate licences which allows them to carry out their job safely for them and our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We generally cover East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Surry, Kent and Greater London, but we have been known to operate outside these areas, so please get in touch with all enquiries.

On 95% of our sites we would develop a yearly maintenance program along with costs. These costs are then divided by 12 and charged monthly throughout the year at 12 equal amounts. We also do ‘one off jobs’ which will be charged at a lump sum per job. We can also charge seasonally.

We are the experts at grounds maintenance, we can work closely with our customers, old and new, to develop a maintenance program that works with your site, and to also work within a budget if need be.

We don’t do tree works but we work closely with reputable local tree contractors so we can organise tree works, tree planting, surveys and TPO works. We can organise all of this for you.

We maintain blocks of flats and housing estates but as rule of thumb we don’t maintain individual houses. But if your property is a fairly sizeable property then it's always worth getting in touch. We also maintain some homes on the housing estates we maintain.

We have £10m public liability in place for all aspects of your business. We’re also fully audited by two H&S organisations to make sure our insurances, training, rams and all H&S aspects are up to date.

We have all types of pedestrian self-propelled mowers, We have ride on machinery for large fine turf areas for collecting grass and non-collecting. We also have some heavy-duty ride on mowers for rough areas, these can cut long grass and weeds, bramble and saplings.

The first question you ask yourself when controlling weeds is ‘do I have to use pesticides at all or is there an alternative method?’ The pesticide we use for general weed killing is non-toxic, which breaks down in the soil, it is not harmful to wildlife, people or pets. But there are lots of other ways of controlling weeds if that is your preferred option, weed whackers, brushes, burners, biological control and good old fashioned hand weeding. Get in touch to discuss the options.

Grounds maintenance refers to the ongoing upkeep and care of outdoor spaces, such as parks, gardens, and public areas. It involves activities like mowing lawns, trimming hedges, planting flowers, and general landscaping to ensure these spaces are visually appealing, safe, and functional. Grounds maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving the aesthetic and recreational value of public and private landscapes, contributing to overall community well-being and environmental sustainability.